Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Preliminary Research

You are now going to add a section to your blog entitle ‘Preliminary Research’. In this section you should outline:
•What Continuity Editing is and what two categories it includes
•An explanation of Spatial Editing including:
•180 Degree Rule
•Shot/Reverse shot
•Match on Action Shot
•A summary of how important you think continuity editing it is to film making

Friday, 11 November 2011


Your homework task is to leave feedback comments for 2 other students in 2 different groups. Your feedback should include the following:
1-Comment on the 2 areas you feel they have made the best choices in (lighting, mise-en-scene, costume, props)Try to explain specifically what is good about these ideas.
2 - Advice on a 3rd area. Suggest how they could improve their choices in this area.

Developed Treatment

Add a section to your blog in which you explain your new and developed treatment of no less that 500 words for your whole film. It should include

1) The setting
2) The protaganist and anataganist
3) The three act structure.

The add explain the theory for your treatment

1) binary opposition
2) character type
3) equibrium (equilbrium, disequilbirum, new state of equilbrium)

Don't forget to include images, videos and links to websites for support. Also don't forget your bibliography or filmography.

Final Decisions

Please add a post on your blog where you explain your groups final decisions for the following:

1) Costumes
2) Props
3) Lighting
4) Mise en scene

Include images, videos and links to other websites for support. Don't forget your bibliography!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What Should I Have On My Blog?

What should I have on my blog so far
Log onto your blog and ensure the following are up to date:

1. Group Film Idea

2. Film opening analysis

3. Codes and conventions of film openings

4. Genre Research Task

5. Mood Board with explanation of the key concepts.

6. Treatment Draft

7. Audience Research Task

8. Questionnaire

9. Questionnaire Results Analysis (Graphs)

10. Narrative Research Task

11. Final Cut - Blue Screen

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Final Cut Blue Screen Task

1.Film footage using the blue screen background
2.Import and cut video footage
3.Add titles to your footage
4.Use the blue screen technology in your footage
5.Publish your footage on the Media blog

Narrative Theory

You are now going to add a section to your blog entitled ‘Narrative Theories Research’. In this section you should outline:

• What narrative is
• Why narrative is important
• Explain what the three narrative theories are
• Decide which one you think is will be most useful in creating an effective narrative opening for your film
• Bibliography
• Filmography