Thursday, 20 October 2011

Primary Research Task

You then need to begin your primary research. As we are aware the target audience is very important in any media product. You must meet their needs in order for your product to be a success. So, decide on your target audience for you film (teen…) and create a questionnaire which sets out to discover what movies (of your chosen genre) are popular with this audience, what conventions they rate as the most important as well as anything else you can think of

Hint: make your questionnaires easy to fill in and give the participants choices to choose from. Don’t ask a random question like: Why do you like horror movies? Instead, give them a list of possible reasons to choose from to state why they like horror movies – this will make your analysis much easier

You can analyse your results anyway you like, the simplest is to create charts in Microsoft Excel, but the more creative the better.

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