Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What should I have on my blog so far Log onto your blog and ensure the following are up to date:

1. Group Film Idea

2. Film opening analysis

3. Codes and conventions of film openings

4. Genre Research Task

5. Mood Board with explanation of the key concepts.

6. Treatment Draft

7. Audience Research Task

8. Questionnaire

9. Questionnaire Results Analysis (Graphs and comments)

10. Narrative Research Task

11. Final Cut - Blue Screen

12. Final Decisions - costumes, props, sound, lighting

13. Developed Treatment

14. Storyboards

15. Animatic

Go over all your posts so far and check they are at AS standard. This includes:

Explanation (PEES)
Supported with Images/Videos
Support with links to other websites as evidence of research
References are included


James, A (2005) A History of film form

www.filmform.com – accessed 10/09/2010

Year/Film/Director1979 - Star Wars (George Lucas)

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